WV Is Calling

The videos I linked to in the last post are actually pretty interesting.  I’ve always wanted to ride the trains in the fall and there are a couple of vids about that. The one on the first page about the caboose camping is pretty neat.  Just about a month ago, at one of my clients’ homes, the couple and myself were talking about the trains and he mentioned the caboose camping.  He said one of his acquaintances did that ride and thoroughly enjoyed it.

In the one “the best of wv” there are several places I have been.  I camped near Seneca Rock with Jana and Satomi in 2000 or 2001.  We hiked in 3 miles from the car. It also shows the North Bend Rail Trail; which is where the paternal farm is.  North Bend State Park is right next to it and I was told that part of the park border once belonged to the family.   Rhillai and I have fished a few of the places in the state and Cooper’s Rock is where he and I visited recently.  It’s also the place where Sharyn and my b.i.l. and myself rode last year in the fall. I have pictures posted of that ride and I blogged about it.

I haven’t looked through all the videos, yet.  But, I will look at more later.  It’s pretty interesting.  Some are better made than others.  Some are humorous.  Some very well made.

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