Am really tired.  That seems to be my normal state these days.  It was a really nice day and I would have loved to take the motorcycle out.  But, seeing how the previous owner didn’t send back my paper yet, I can’t. When I finally get my plate, I am going to make the plate on the motorcycle continue the vanity plate series from my vehicle.

Got my vehicle inspected today.  Rotated the tires on both vehicles.  Also fixed the bent brake pedal on the new bike.  Put the engine guard bars on it, too.  Whatever is causing the Jeep problem with the TPS is also making the gas mileage horrible… only about 14 mpg. That might not be all of it, since the tires were way under pressure, also.  But, I think it’s the malfunction causing it. Since it’s under warranty, I have an appointment for it to go to the shop on Monday; now that I have my vehicle inspected and usable again.  I thought the horrible gas mileage going to Massachusetts for the bike, and the tank after that, was all because of pulling heavy loads.  Apparently, the mileage is just horrible anyway because of the way it’s running.

When I was moving things between the two cars today, I came across the latest CD that empressreborn made for me.  That’s one of the hardest things about friendships ending….. so many things around to constantly remind you of the loss.  Especially in a 30 year friendship.  With a friendship that long, it’s hard to minimize the effects of that because there are so many things that can remind you of that person.  There are so many things that tie in some way to mark325…. that it will be a difficult process for me.  I wish it wasn’t this way…. that it didn’t have to be.

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