My pains came back.  Whenever I get upset, a spot in my abdomen and a spot in my back start hurting.  I’m tired of hurting, tired of being hurt, and tired of being upset.

There are times when we just have to accept things.  I’ve accepted some things:

  • I accept that I don’t matter.
  • I accept that I’m not happy and probably will never be.
  • I accept that I’m not meant to have — and will never know –love.
  • I accept that I’m not a good friend and that I’m not going to have friends.
  • I accept that sometimes things just have to end; that I have to let go.
  • I accept that I will be lonely; and probably alone.
  • I accept that I won’t live to be old.  I don’t want to anyway.

Now, if I can get rid of the feelings that go along with these things, I’ll be able to cope.

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