Down on my Knees

The last few days, I’ve been having back problems again. They’ve been creeping up on me.  A few days ago, my legs gave out on me again because of sharp pains in my back.  It was settling down a little until this evening. 

Today, I had to deliver and assemble a computer system which included a new “all in one” laser printer.  When it was delivered, they sent 2 people on the  UPS truck to lift it. They said it was 85 lbs.  It was a big, awkward, cumbersome box. I got it into the car by myself today and got it out of the car and into the client’s garage. I decided it would be easier to unpack it and make the size more manageable.  So, I unpacked it.  By that time, the client came back and she helped me carry it to the basement. 

I got home late tonight and went to get my tea out of the refrigerator and instantly went down on my knees.  And I couldn’t get up.  So, I was on my knees with the door standing open… trying to get into position to get back up. After awhile, I finally managed to get up.  I’ve taken it easy the last couple of hours, hoping to get it to settle down. It probably would be worse, but I had stopped after leaving the client’s home, to get some advil because I was getting a killer headache.

I have lots to do tomorrow, including a 2 hour one way drive to a courthouse to work. Sigh.

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