The New Decoration and Stuff

I updated last night’s post so that it was coherent.  I was nodding off as I was writing it.  So… it wasn’t quite flowing and cogent sounding.

While playing CoD4 last night, they told a couple of jokes.  I remembered a blonde joke that I heard just recently and none of them got it.  I told it…. and you could have heard crickets…. and then, a couple of, “I don’t get it,” comments. I’m confirming for myself that my sense of humor is…… something.

The joke?  Did you hear about the blond man who had a vasectomy?  His wife kept getting pregnant so he had 5 more.

OK… so…. the tree.

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And… what is so neat about the tree?  (Actually, it’s a set of two.  One for each side of the door.)  Let’s see for ourselves.

A video:

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