Sometimes, Timing Amazes Me

Sometimes, the timing of things amazes me.  I think it’s sometimes just simple coincidence.  Other times, I think something else is going on.

Today, I worked about 30 miles away for two places.  One thing that happened at the first place was sort of funny because of the recent post I made about women and cleavage.  I had gone in where there are several women working.  I sat down at one of the desks to work and was involved in my work.  One of the young women in the office was sitting between me and the door at another desk.  A UPS man came in and had her sign for a package.  I didn’t catch most of the interaction; only a word or two. After he left, I noticed the young woman and another talking.  Because I was working, I only caught part of their conversation, but it was about the UPS man looking at her cleavage. She said something about, “…. don’t have anything down there do I?” The second woman said, “Eyes up here,” as she made a motion from her chest to her eyes.” That got my attention, so I looked at the top she was wearing.  It was presentable enough; but was a bit low-cut.   One thing I will never understand is women wearing low-cut tops and then complaining when a man looks at their chest.  If you don’t want men to look at your chest, don’t draw attention to it.

From there, I went to the second place to work and fixed one of the computers.  After leaving there, I went looking for a couple of things from Lowes.  When I left there, I got a page saying that one of their other computers was not able to see the server at all. They thought that I was already near home, but I let them know that I was not far away and would stop back. I went back to the location to find that the network card was disabled, for some unknown reason.  They looked shocked and wanted to know how it got disabled.  I said, “I don’t know.  Maybe it was a ghost or goblin.”  Later, I said, “Maybe I wasn’t supposed to go home right away.” I firmly believe that things sometimes happen for reasons we don’t see.  Maybe I would have been in an accident or something. Who knows? One interesting thing, is that I was driving home when a car passed me.  As it pulled in front, I noticed a set of keys in the trunk lock. I sped up and got her attention so that i could signal to her. Then, I wondered if perhaps I was supposed to be there at that split second and there was a series of events that were put into play.

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