Yesterday Evening

When I came home from working yesterday, my mother said that my brother was acting strange all day.  He said that his head felt funny and heavy.  He acted like his motor-skills were decreased.   He had a flu shot the day before and he wondered if it was related to that. Finally, he decided to go to the hospital.  They went out the door and my mother came back to the door yelling for me to come quick.  I went out to the sidewalk and he couldn’t move.  He was barely standing and was slouching toward the ground.  I got hold of him and let him sit down.  Because it was cold, I wanted to get him on a chair, but couldn’t. My mother called the ambulance and we waited.  My b.i.l. came to help with him, but we couldn’t move him because he was tremoring and hurting. By the time the ambulance arrived, he was tremoring really badly and his body was spasming.  They admitted him.

While they were there, I worked more on the computers and waited to hear what was happening.  Then, I played CoD4 until late.  GG and UG proved they were female.  So, now there is no question whatsoever. :-> No, there weren’t any pictures involved.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  GG said she agreed with the client about hiding the wires.  Then, UG and GG talked about excuses to use when you don’t want to just tell a man, “No,” when he asks you out; because you don’t like to just say, “No.”  Instead, you can say, “I’m busy,” or “I have to wash my hair.”   That’s enough proof for me. 

Personally, I like the simple, “No.” Or…… even, “Get away from me dog boy!” It’s clear.  It’s honest. No ambiguity.  It doesn’t make a man keep wondering if she’s interested.  It doesn’t send any mixed signals or confusion.  It’s more humane and kind than the mixed signals. It’s much better.  I’ve never understood this idea that women have that the way to not hurt someone’s feelings is by doing something that is more hurtful. They want to be kind; but, they end up doing something that is even more unkind. The more kind approach is a  simple, “No. Thank you.”

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