I’ve Noticed…

… that my little belly is slowly turning into a little belly with a little ring around my waste.  I guess that means too many late-night snacks and too much CoD4 on Xbox360.

I think that means cutting back. 

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More ‘Ho’s

I was thinking more about the topic of santa and ‘ho’s.  What Hyzathra said about, “unless she was a ho,” is part of it.  But, the bigger topic is the destruction of proper grammar.  I’m often told that words don’t really mean anything; or that I take words to seriously.  Supposedly, if I believe that words have meanings, then I am being too judgmental and being too strict with my definitions.  I think this incident proves my point that it has a larger, far-reaching influence on the operations of the society.  It has negative results.

The problem is that we allow a minor segment of society to speak poorly and not use grammar properly.  If people were using proper speech, the word “ho” wouldn’t be associated with anything but laughter.  But, we allow a few to start to influence a growing segment, which then uses the word wrongly.  And, it spreads.  If we expected people to use words properly and speak clearly, we wouldn’t have any association between “ho” and “whore” because people wouldn’t think that “ho” meant “whore”. Nobody in their right mind would think that Santa was saying, “Whore! Whore! Whore!” But, people supposedly in their right minds think that “ho” equals “whore”.  There is something entirely wrong with the whole thing.

We have many examples of words being distorted from their original meanings to a completely opposite meaning.  We went from a society that thought “gay” meant “happy” to where we are today with “gay” meaning “homosexual”; which is, in turn, slowly becoming a pejorative meaning “stupid” or “bad”.

I got my flu shot yesterday and I did good.  I only shook a little.  And the woman that gave it was really good.  I didn’t even feel the needle go in.  My arm is a little sore today.  The woman that gave my mother her flu shot said if your arm gets sore after a flu shot, that means you would have gotten the flu this year.  Hmmm….

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Upon some reflection

Reflecting upon the question of what Sharyn would think, I would like to think that Sharyn would see the blog posts about her as a positive; as an expression of what the feelings were like when I told her, “I’m getting too close to you.”

But, I can see the possibility that she might offense for various reasons.  Some people might not like seeing their name on a blog, for example.  She might not like some of my perceptions of things.

I can even see where someone could get a very unflattering view of me from some of my posts; especially some from quite awhile back. Even recently, I’ve been seen as displaying some “woman hating” even though that’s not what I feel.

Even if Sharyn took it as a positive… or flattering… I don’t think it would matter.   I don’t think that would change anything. It wouldn’t change her. It wouldn’t change me.  And I conclude thinking that she would still see me as a loser freak boy.

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