This is a woman rant.

This is a woman rant.  Not because it’s exclusively a “woman thing”. But, because it’s a thing that women do more than men do.

I installed a new computer the other day. Yesterday, I was asked what I can do about the cables showing.  Sigh. Computers have cables.  That’s the way things work.  Without the cables, the things don’t work.  I can make the cables LESS visible with velcro wire wrap and conduit.  But, I can’t make the cables invisible.  In my experience, worrying about the cables causes more problems later.  One problem is that it usually puts some stress on the connectors.  This woman has an open (four legs and a board on top) style desk and then doesn’t want the cables to show. She wanted the monitor mounted on the wall….. and then doesn’t want the cables to show. Sigh.

I carry some velcro wrap of various types and I wrapped them as neatly as I could. But, there isn’t much that can be done when you have wires going four different directions to get to the wall, the power strip, and the computer.

I have tried to organize the cables behind my home entertainment.  Not because of looks, but in trying to make it easier on organizing and identifying them.  Whenever I have done so, I have regretted it later.

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