Deja Vu

As I was driving today, I was listening to a talk radio show on XM. I started to get a feeling of Deja Vu, and then realized that I had heard the part of the radio show to which I was listening.  I knew what was going to be said by the host and the callers for about 3 callers.  Then, I realized that I could not have heard the show before, because it was talking about current happenings.  Then I started wondering if it really was a repeat of  only a week or so old.   I just checked the website for the show.  It doesn’t show it as a repeat.

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The photos of the last couple of missions I did for Patriot Guard Riders have been uploaded.  There are some other photos here, too.

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Grossly Inappropriate?

I was glancing through a catalog and I saw a Christmas ornament with the words “Merry Christmas From Heaven”.  I looked closer and saw the words in the center are, “I love you all dearly, so don’t shed a tear, I’m spending my Christmas with Jesus this year.”

I did a mental double-take.  What?!?  Is it just me?  Or is that hugely inappropriate?  I have put ornaments on the tree that remind me of certain people.  Or as tributes, even. But, I presume that the first Christmas — if not the first few — without someone would be made even harder by such an ornament.  Maybe it’s just me.

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