I took the motorcycle out for about an hour today.  It was around 70 degrees today.  So, after I got back home from working and running errands, I took the bike to go to the bank and to get some SeaFoam to put in the gas for the winter. It was a nice short ride; probably the last one of the year.

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I Happened….

I happened across Sharyn’s profile at tonight and it reminded me of some things.  One of the pictures there was taken at her daughter’s graduation party which Sharyn begged me to come to. That reminded me that it was the first time that I had tried to “back off” from her because my feelings were starting to grow.  Perhaps if I had listened to myself then…. 

But, they say we are who we are because of the whole of our experiences.

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The New York Times Take

The NYT take on the DC ban consideration. I find it interesting that people will claim there is no bias in the media.  This is a perfect example of liberal bias.

Justices Will Decide if Handgun Kept at Home Is Individual Right – New York Times

I find the following quote to be quite interesting:

“Whether the handgun ban has reduced crime in a city surrounded by less
restrictive jurisdictions is a matter of heated dispute. Crime in the
District of Columbia has mirrored trends in the rest of the country,
dropping quite sharply during the 1990s but now experiencing some

It is almost hilarious.  The DC crime rate has been near the top of the list for decades.  And, it’s much higher when compared to those other “less restrictive” jurisdictions.  Its murder rate is so much higher, that the numbers for there (in conjunction with a couple of other gun-ban jurisdictions) distort the overall murder rate.  Wouldn’t it make more sense that the surrounding “less restrictive” jurisdictions would be as high or higher than the DC rates?

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I used to…..

I once thought that love could solve all problems or potential problems between two people.  I no longer believe that. Sometimes, even true love isn’t enough. 

And, if it’s an unrequited love, it’s even worse.

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