I used to…..

I once thought that love could solve all problems or potential problems between two people.  I no longer believe that. Sometimes, even true love isn’t enough. 

And, if it’s an unrequited love, it’s even worse.

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2 thoughts on “I used to…..

  1. There is no “true love” while here. Okay, so maybe Jesus could show “true love”. Most of the rest of us peons won’t come close. I don’t even think one can have “true love” here. One can love, one can love strongly, one can have a strong love, etc.

    Problems between people are the result of what people want and how strongly they want. If one partner wants to smoke and the other partner doesn’t and both are strong in their wants, then one or the other loses. If one wants a relationship and the other doesn’t, then one loses. The stronger the wanting, the harder the loss.

  2. I used the phrase “true love” in the sense of “real love”.  I think that most “love” these days is not real love.  I think it’s often just a set of conditions that are met and people don’t truly have the best interest of the other in mind, or truly admire them. Too often, it’s just a sexual attraction that people confuse as love.

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