I think….

…. that this is such an obvious answer, that it shouldn’t even be up for debate.  If you asked these supposedly intelligent people, “Why don’t you steal?” Or, “… cheat on your spouse.” Or any such thing, they would not want to get caught. 

Does Death Penalty Save Lives? A New Debate – New York Times

Criminals want to minimize their risks just like everyone else.  They
watch for cameras.  They watch for police.  They break into homes where
nobody is at home.  They prey on the weak.  They do these things to
minimize their risk of getting caught, hurt, killed.

If that doesn’t tell you that they weigh the risk/benefit ratio, there
is something wrong with your thought processes.  If you raise the
risks, you reduce the benefit to them. 

The problem with the status quo is that you don’t see the reduction in murders/crimes because there is not a prominent enough death penalty in place.  It’s really very simple. 

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Water Tank

I was going to try to do a “Welcome Home Escort PGR mission today from the Pittsburgh Airport to the Morgantown, WV area.

A family friend is an older woman who is taking care of her elderly mother who is in very poor condition and needs constant attention.  The friend called yesterday that there was water on the floor all around her water heater.  It was leaking badly.  Today, I took my b.i.l. with me and put in a new water heater for her. It was a several hour job because the new tank had slightly different dimensions on the height and position of the valve and the water connections.  But, it went more smoothly than I expected because a water heater install kit was available. It contains flex pipes and I had the rest of what I needed.

As I was leaving, my brother discovered that the furnace was not working in the house across the street, so I have to work on that. I got it working enough to heat it until I can do a minor fix to help it light.

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