Saturday Guitar Whompin’

So… on Saturday, my nephew (appr. 11 y.o.) stayed over night and my other nephew (appr. 17 y.o.) visited.  They both wanted to show up the Old Guy at Guitar Hero II.  Well… the brief time I challenged them and was beaten was when we tried two players with one guitar.  The fact that I was using a regular controller seemed to have been pure excuse-making on the part of Old Guy.  Because, everyone knows that Old Guy isn’t able to play as well and as quickly as aforementioned Young Whippersnappers.

In the interim between last Old Guy whuppin’ and new Saturday challenge, said Old Guy found a cheap guitar on ebay.  The properly equipped Old Guy version 2 soundly whupped both Young Whippersnappers; even when he was playing on “Medium” setting and they were on “Easy” setting.

Aha!  Redemption!   And said young’uns have a newfound respect for Old Guy’s Rockin’ skillz.

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Just For Those With Lower Cognitive Powers

Here’s a little lesson in logic. Just suppose a person walks up to you with a mask and a gun and says, “I’m not a robber and you should never give your wallet to anybody; but give me your wallet.”  Would you believe them?

Well… the phishers expect you to believe them when they tell you that they aren’t thieves and you should never listen to phishers.

Here’s an email I received this morning.

Dear business/corporate customer
of Citizens Bank,

Caution: we continue to be informed
that customers and non-customers are receiving fraudulent phishing emails
requesting confidential information and credentials. As a reminder, the bank
will NOT send customers unsecured email or other correspondence requesting that
they confirm or provide Customer ID’s User ID’s, card numbers, social security
number or PINs and passwords. As always, if you receive any unsolicited e-mails,
phone calls, faxes or other suspicious attempts to gain personal or confidential
information, please e-mail us at or call Cash
Management Client Services at 1-877-550-5933, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
ET. For Additional information please see the events page

For security measures, we require
you to confirm your challenge questions:

(URL to Phishing site was here)

Citizens Bank Online
Billing Services Team

It’s almost funny.  The bad part is: some people will fall for this and go put their information in the phishing site.

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… here I am at nearly 2 o’clock…. tired, but not feeling like sleep.  Yuck.  I need to take care of business in the morning and I have quite a few things to do….. but just can’t get the brain to shut down. I suppose I would have a better chance if I put my body in bed and tried to sleep.  I need the sleep.  So, I think I’m going to try it.

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