The Night Before Thanksgiving

I had a nice chat with G.G. tonight.  I actually enjoyed it more than playing CoD4.  I wasn’t feeling really into the game tonight and wasn’t doing too good at it. About the time I was going to quit, she wanted to chat; about social truths and political truths. I think we talked longer than I even played the game.

Last night, when I was looking at the classmates site, I looked at an entry from a friend from high school that I lost touch with.  About 5 years ago, I found her contact information and we corresponded briefly. I had been wanting to call her and visit with her and her husband when I was in their city, which is about 60 or more miles away. I work there periodically.  But, I discovered that the phone number I had for her was not the right number. When I looked at the profile last night, there was a feature that lets the person know that you have looked at it. This morning, there was a phone call, but no message, on my business line.  I looked at the caller I.D. and it was from the same last name as her married name.  I think it was the same first name as her husband, too. But, I’m not sure. I wonder if it was her….. If not, the timing is really strange. I called back the number and left a message; just saying that I saw where they had called and was returning the call.

When I took the bike out today, it had just barely started to sprinkle when I returned home.  It has rained a good portion of the evening.  So, the timing worked out quite well.  It is likely the last time I’ll be riding until spring. But, one never knows for sure.

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