Serendipity, Coincedence, Timing, Karma, Fate………


So… yesterday I had to deal with things at the bank.  I met Amy Grant.  Not… not THE Amy Grant.  But, in the afternoon, I was headed for an appointment and the XM advertised the start of the holiday music channels.  They mentioned…. Amy Grant. I go to my appointment and while I was waiting for something on the computer I was working on, there was a soundtrack CD laying by the monitor.  I looked at it and noticed a song by….. Amy Grant.  I looked over and noticed another CD that was a compilation of rock songs.  So, I opened the case to see which songs were on it. And instead of being the compilation cd…. it was a cd by…….. Amy Grant.

Today, I was leaving a place for the drive home and as soon as I got in the car, XM was advertising a political ad for Ron Paul. I drove about…….1/4 mile and there was a Ron Paul sign in a yard.  After the commercials went off…. a talk-show came back on and the topic was………. Ron Paul.

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