Saturday Guitar Whompin’

So… on Saturday, my nephew (appr. 11 y.o.) stayed over night and my other nephew (appr. 17 y.o.) visited.  They both wanted to show up the Old Guy at Guitar Hero II.  Well… the brief time I challenged them and was beaten was when we tried two players with one guitar.  The fact that I was using a regular controller seemed to have been pure excuse-making on the part of Old Guy.  Because, everyone knows that Old Guy isn’t able to play as well and as quickly as aforementioned Young Whippersnappers.

In the interim between last Old Guy whuppin’ and new Saturday challenge, said Old Guy found a cheap guitar on ebay.  The properly equipped Old Guy version 2 soundly whupped both Young Whippersnappers; even when he was playing on “Medium” setting and they were on “Easy” setting.

Aha!  Redemption!   And said young’uns have a newfound respect for Old Guy’s Rockin’ skillz.

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11 thoughts on “Saturday Guitar Whompin’

  1. I…. uhm…. inherited them…. yeah… that’s it.  I inherited them and I keep them for….. uhm….. uhm….  historical archival purposes. Yeah…. cause I don’t want the items of YOUR generation to become forgotten. Yeah…. that’s it.

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