Upon some reflection

Reflecting upon the question of what Sharyn would think, I would like to think that Sharyn would see the blog posts about her as a positive; as an expression of what the feelings were like when I told her, “I’m getting too close to you.”

But, I can see the possibility that she might offense for various reasons.  Some people might not like seeing their name on a blog, for example.  She might not like some of my perceptions of things.

I can even see where someone could get a very unflattering view of me from some of my posts; especially some from quite awhile back. Even recently, I’ve been seen as displaying some “woman hating” even though that’s not what I feel.

Even if Sharyn took it as a positive… or flattering… I don’t think it would matter.   I don’t think that would change anything. It wouldn’t change her. It wouldn’t change me.  And I conclude thinking that she would still see me as a loser freak boy.

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