Grammar. Man Hating.

I was driving by a local school, yesterday, when I saw a sign like you see when the sports teams are playing a game.  They are the kind the cheerleaders or team supporters put up.  It read, “We Got The Fire!”  Uhm….  ok….. don’t they have an English teacher at this school?

I’ve long said that men are hated in our society; especially by women.  They are seen as stupid, as second to women, not as important as women, etcetera.  I have blogged about it before and have given examples of it. My brother gave me a newspaper clipping yesterday of a “Heloise” column.  In it, a woman wrote in with her hint for helping lost children to stay safe when at an amusement park or other such venue.  She writes her number on the back of their hand and tells them to, “go to a police officer or to another ‘mommy with kids’ and show them their hand.”

We certainly wouldn’t want them to go to a “daddy with kids” or any other male.  We all know they are child molesters and even if they LOOK like a “daddy with kids” those are really the men who have just finished collecting up a bunch of unsuspecting kids at the park and is walking them out so that he can do his dastardly deeds.

These man hating women would rather see the lost child look for a help in a drug-fueled, street prostitute (because she still a woman and all women have a motherly instinct) than a man anyday.

What’s bad is that a large segment of women have these sentiments on at least some scale.  Some think men aren’t capable of raising children.  Some say, “They are my kids.  They came out of me.  He was just a sperm donor.”  Some say, “Men are child molestors.”  But, it is all the same disdain for men.

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