Clickety Clickety

Clickety Clickety go the keys.  What’s the result?  Whatever I please.

I was working in a place where a little office sign was on a desk.  It said, “We’ve been through a lot together; and most of it was your fault.”

When I closed my profiles on the dating/social networking sites, I instantly got an email that someone with a profile at one of the dating sites had added me to their favorites list.  Uhm…. yeah…. right…. Do they think we are that stupid?

So… why is it that people still have not learned that the center turning lane is for ENTERING busy roads as well as exiting them?  I had to sit behind at least 10 cars yesterday at an  intersection to a road which was more busy than normal because of construction in the general area.  None of them making a left would cross to the middle turning lane when there was no oncoming traffic to the left.  They ALL had to make sure that it was clear both ways for some reason. Sheesh.

Now, San Francisco wants to give ID cards to any resident, despite legal status.  I find so many things wrong with the article and with the idea.  But, one thing that really caught my eye was a quote which ended, “….a labor force that’s supplied by, for lack of a better term,
undocumented residents,” said Tom Ammiano, the supervisor who sponsored
the bill.  WHAT?  There IS a better term you dishonest, anti-American socialist!  It’s “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.”  There are lots of better terms.  How about, “Not supposed to be here,” or “Taking our money and sending it back to Mexico and not paying taxes on it.” Your compatriots have already admitted that they are a “cash based society”; which we both know is code for “working under the table.” Geez!!

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